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In the last decades, the environmental conditions of the Orinoquía region of Colombia have changed drastically, putting a delicate ecosystem in risk.

The project seeks to influence the civilian population to collaborate consciously through an educational campaign, raising awareness about the rational use of natural resources by linking the Eastern Plains ecosystem stability and the roots of the Llanero culture, autochthonous from the Venezuelan and Colombian herders.

Image Development

The corporate identity resembles the unique sunset scene from the Eastern Plains. The geometrization of a landscape admired by many and well-known in different regions of the country.

All the aesthetics of the project, including visual identifiers such as logo, mobile spaces, along with the website and visual campaign are based on landscapes from the Orinoquía region, its fauna, flora, and autochthonous customs.

Training Spaces and Collaterals

Moriche’s initial goal is to provide free educational knowledge either by mobile classrooms or/and through virtual learning software. To support the main objective of ‘Moriche’, it is required to present the infrastructure to reach the whole population, which is often situated far from urban areas.

Taking advantage of the roads used for extraction of resources, a green initiative of mobile classrooms in containers adapts to the necessity and conditions of the landscape.

Also, liaising a governmental program called ‘Punto Digital’ from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies of Colombia that provides and promotes free internet connection spots in remote zones across the country.

‘Proud of Our Llanero Culture’ – Visual Campaign

Relating to dignity the inhabitants hold towards their local culture, the design of the visual campaign targets the population that lives in the rural areas of the Orinoquía region. It shows and honours the beauty of the ecosystem and the Llanero culture, and how these both correlate.


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